MIC has assisted more than 75 clients to determine their Strategy to approach the market. Whether it’s a GTM for a Startup or a Growth Strategy for a corporate or a Market Introduction Strategy for a Global company, MIC has handled all of these.

MIC approach to Strategy is comprehensive and derives significantly from innovation that we do in our recommendations.

Typically the strategy covers:

Segmentation strategy 

  • Where to play 
  • What to produce 
  • What volumes to hit Product Strategy
  • Product Range and broad specifications
  • Pricing along the value chain till the point of consumption
  • Product Differentiation
  • Non product Differentiation


Positioning Strategy

  • Customer Value Configuration
  • Positioning platforms assessment
  • Suggestions on positioning platform


Distribution Strategy

  • Relative benefit of alternate distribution modes
  • Mapping of available distribution options
  • Suggestions


Promotion Strategy

  • Promotion need and disposition
  • Broad cost benefit mapping of alternate medium
  • Suggestions


Risk Management

  • Assessment of risks in implementation
  • Selection of best fit strategic option


Revenue Modelling

  • Assessment of fixed costs
  • Assessment of variable costs
  • Assessment of volumes required for break even
  • Selection of best fit strategic option

    A leading cement manufacturing Giant approached MIC and discussed about the marketing problem in certain parts of India. The company had a brand image in certain states and was trying to make an entry in other parts of India. MIC helped the cement giant in improving its brand position for the new market and as a result, they were able to realize higher returns on their investments, in one of the regional markets, by marketing strategic changes in the existing brand architecture