Markets and value chains are changing very rapidly in the current environment. But understanding Market size, structure, value chains, influence chains, consumer behaviour and similar market variables is a basic requirement towards market success.

MIC has experience of more than 250 market assessment studies in diverse business sectors. From Fortune 500 to SMEs and Startups  we are trusted to assess  the evolving markets to enable clients make business decisions. 

Market Assessment comprises of 

Industry Structure in India

  • Scope of Industry
  • Nature of Industry
  • Technology trends and drivers of technology
  • Economics of scale
  • Typical value chains 


Regulatory Issues and Non Tariff Barriers

  • Nature of Foreign investment allowed
  • Product Specifications
  • Governmental regulations affecting industry
  • Public policy and other environmental factors
  • Product Standards
  • Social Barriers
  • Environmental Barriers
  • Geo – political barriers
  • Customs and other duties


Demand Perspectives

  • Historical demand correlated to historical environmental context
  • Current drivers of demand
  • Buyer Behaviour and explicit and implicit need configuration
  • Future demand projections under alternate what if situations
  • Key segments and related characteristics
  • Historical Supply
  • Nature of Competition
  • New entrants
  • Future Supply projections
  • Demand Supply gaps – quantitative


Supply Perspectives

  • Competition offering – products and services
  • Competition Severity
  • Pricing and positioning mapping
  • Exploitable gaps


Capability Assessment

  • Capability assessment with respect to success in India
  • Assessment of Cost to market